Wednesday, January 23, 2013

God's Poetry

God's Poetry
By Anne Hamilton

About the Author:
Anne Hamilton, a longtime writer and mathematician, has a number of publications to her name. Anne has a trilogy of short books about how maths integrates with God’s great creation called The Singing Silence The Winging Word an The Listening Land. She has just had published her 27 year project a young adult fantasy Many-Coloured Realm.

Short Book Description:
What’s in a name? Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But is that true? Are names simply labels to be swapped around indiscriminately? Or are they more significant? God’s Poetry is about identity and destiny as well as the ancient concept of the power of names to body forth purpose and meaning. It’s also about why most of us never come into the calling prophetically breathed into what we are called.

Genre: Non Fiction

My Thoughts
A couple of people I showed this book to thought it was a poetry book and immediately said, "No thanks, I don't read poetry." I want to make it clear that this is not a poetry book but rather, the title suggests that we, with the names we're given, are each individual works of God's poetry. If you venture into the book, get ready for some amazing, true-life examples of how peoples' names have shaped not only their characters but their life's works. Several times, I thought, "Wow, that must be more than a coincidence." It is not light reading for relaxing with, but something meaty for those times you feel like delving deeply into some interesting study. Towards the end, Anne Hamilton gives some tips on how we might begin to plumb the mysteries of our own names or those of others, but I don't dare to think I could ever do as complete and thorough a job as she does. It did make me wonder, "What have I set in motion for my kids, through the names I've chosen?" Altogether, an unusual and interesting read.

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