Digging Deeper in Books

I decided my blog needs this new page. Sometimes a mere review falls short of what a specific book deserves, since there's so much more I could say about it. So here's the new spot for those times when I want to ramble on more about characters, settings, comparisons, styles, moods, or any other number of things on my mind. 

Battle of the Book Boyfriends: Gilbert or Darcy?
Book Boyfriends through the Generations
Which Classic should be required School Reading?
Is Severus Snape a good person?
Is Harry Potter a Bad Dad?
Meet a Forgotten Heartthrob from 1836
My favourite Lucy Maud Montgomery hero
Can sworn enemies ever become friends? (Featuring Harry and Draco)
Falling for a friend's younger sister - Does it work?
Hanging with Alice
Stories deep within other stories
Mothers - the secret weapon of Harry Potter

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