Underrated Heartthrobs

I thought I'd make a separate page on this blog in honour of all the wonderful fictional heroes who may deserve a bit more of the spotlight than they're getting, for whatever reason. Some may have enjoyed their time of fame, but belong in older stories which have been swept aside. Other may have always been more obscure than perhaps they deserve to be, even in their heyday. And still others may be secondary characters who have taken a back seat to the main protagonists. Those are often my favourite types of heartthrob. 

Heartthrob from 1836 - Sam Weller
Heartthrob from Prince Edward Island - Perry Miller
Heartthrob from Dickensian London - 'Pip' Pirrip

And as well as heartthrobs, there are also many admirable, but obscure heroines.

A wise but illiterate woman - Dolly Winthrop

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